Agritourism at the End of the World, Bogdan Potocki


  • All-year-round accommodation in a climatic atmosphere,
  • Dishes of the Borderland and Tatar cuisine,
  • Traditional sausage products made according to old regional recipes
  • Organization of special events,
  • Rides in a chaise or sleigh,
  • Horse riding lessons at a friendly stud,
  • Regional feasts,
  • Culinary workshops.

Someone may be surprised by such a name, but Kruszyniany is located practically on the very border of Poland. Maybe it is not actually the End of the World, but going there, you can get a real impression of getting lost in time and space. The space is full of mysterious forests, forest ducts, glades full of wild animals. Time speaks to us with the echoes of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the multicultural history of these areas. In Kruszyniany there are still living traditions of the borderlands, especially in terms of cuisine. In Agrotourism at the End of the World, guests are served Eastern cuisine including Tatar. The wide menu includes such delicacies as: solianka, szurpa, kołdny, cepeliny, potato cake, pierogi, lovely, czebureki, pieremiacze and many, many more. On the feasts, homemade cured meat is served based on local recipes as well as homemade drinks and tinctures. The products prepared by us for food have won many awards during the nationwide competition Our Culinary Heritage.

Wanting to get acquainted with these unprecedented specialties in Poland, we invite you to Agritourism at Kranium of the World.

The culinary specialties themselves are unique, but the buildings that make up the “World’s End” are absolutely unique buildings in the world – wooden details, sculptures and architectural elements filled with passion fill every vertical and often horizontal plane. This can not be seen in a few hours, it’s best to stay here longer and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this place.

Adres: Kruszyniany 32, 16-120 Krynki
Telefon: 85 722 85 11, 796 944 285

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