The inn Herb of the Wielbut, Monika Olbryś


  • Cozy accommodations
  • Conference room
  • Regional dishes
  • Organization of family, business and occasional meetings
  • Organization of trainings
  • Organization of culinary workshops

Travelers who at least once zagościli, plan their next routes so that the inn was included in them. Run by Mrs Monika Kosiorek – Olbryś The Inn Herbu Wielbut is located in the town of Konarzyce, not far from Łomża. The location of the facility on the busy Łomża – Ostrów Mazowiecka route attracts guests from Poland and abroad regardless of the season. It is a good place to relax or a short break during the trip. The specialty of the inn is the regional cuisine inspired by the noble tradition from the vicinity of Łomża. Mrs. Monika, carefully collected by the family, recipes handed down from generation to generation became the basis of the cuisine served in the Inn. Only here you will get to know the legendary taste of a rejbak with a delicious crispy crust, immerse yourself in the delight of the palate in a dumpling mix. The whole is complemented by kartacz skarzczkami, homemade cakes and many other local dishes. The housewife also invites you to regional cuisine workshops, where you can get acquainted with the secrets of making local dishes.

A moment of rest on earth, the history of which dates back to the ninth century, where prince Siemowit III walked for centuries, where the Swedish Deluge encountered one of the greatest resistance, and the Independent Operation Group “Narew” was sleeping with the German invaders.

Adres: ul. Łomżyńska 161, Konarzyce
Telefon: 86 215 75 36, 502 176 334
Strona www:

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