Butcher’s shop “Kolinek”, Ireneusz Koliński


  • Traditional meats,
  • Provision of parties and regional feasts.

Well-known in the High-Masurian region, Masarnia “Kolinek” is a small family-owned company producing meats using traditional, old-Polish methods. For many years Ireneusz worked in many renowned meat factories, and from 2012 he decided to acquire the knowledge gained there, combine it with the charcuterie family tradition and use it successfully in his own butcher’s shop. Using recipes known for many years in his family, he produces sausages with a unique taste sought after by good food lovers. The products refer to the traditions of nobility produced in nearby villages for centuries. The products are smoked in a traditional way with hardwood, which perfectly emphasizes the taste and aroma. The high quality of smoked meats is confirmed by the awards earned each year during the competition “Our Culinary Heritage”, which gathers the best producers of regional traditional products.

If you are looking for the best traditional taste of cold meats, then you must necessarily taste the regional specialties of Masarnia “Kolinek”!

Old changes in the kitchen were largely influenced by historical changes. Throughout history, our cuisine has been influenced by regional changes, especially since the territory of the Republic of Poland has historically been inhabited by a changing mosaic of nations. As a result, the culinary influences of the east – Tatar-Turkish, earlier Mongolian and Ruthenian, which have merged with German, French, Italian and Jewish are strong. These unique in the world heritage try to preserve the regional producers, which also include the “Kolinek” Masarnia.

Adres: ul. Ogrodowa 5, 18-200 Wysokie Mazowieckie
Telefon: 696 041 337

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