Apiary „Zielówka”, Agnieszka Zielewicz


  • Multiflower honey from the Narew Valley

The passion and passion for beekeeping found their place in Kurpie in an extremely charming place, where a unique, stationary apiary – “Zielówka” was established.

Caring for bees and nature is inscribed in the centuries-old traditions of beekeeping of these areas and also nurtured in this ecological Pasieczysko, located in a place protected by nature NATURA 2000, in the Protected Landscape Area of ​​the Kurpiowska Plain and the Lower Narew Valley. Specific, multifloral honey is obtained in a traditional way, centrifuged in cold, non-concentrated and not heated, stored and bottled in accordance with the rules and tradition. The honey obtained is a product from one of the ecologically cleanest regions in Poland.

In 2016, Multiflower Honey from the Narew Valley was awarded in the 16th edition of the “Our Culinary Heritage – Tastes of the Regions” Competition

Apart from beekeeping, Agnieszka Zielewicz creates activities that promote the culture and traditions of Kurpie. He co-creates the folk band “Honey on the Heart”, runs the 6/9 Art Gallery, which is the owner and co-creates the Mobile Theme Village of Kurpie Varieties. In the Kurpie Chata Gallery 6/9 you can buy honey, as well as take advantage of a wide range of workshops: regional, ecological, beekeeping and listen to traditional music straight from the heart of Kurpie.

Multi-flower honey from the Narew Valley distinguishes itself with its characteristic smell, taste and consistency, is obtained in a traditional way mainly from grasslands and coniferous forests of the Kurpiowska Forest. The source of this honey nectar are also riverside meadows, pastures and fallow meadows.

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