Agritourism, Monika Giczewska


  • Accommodation in an agritourism farm,
  • regional cuisine,
  • horse ridding lessons,
  • regional feasts by the fire,
  • catering service for the ceremony.

In the picturesque valley of the Rospuda river, there is the ecological agritourism farm of Mrs Monika Giczewska. It is a great place to relax, as well as a feast full of natural health. The farm can be found in the village of Kurianki Pierwszy in the Raczki commune.

There are four double rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchenette and a living room available for tourists. The house is surrounded by a garden with a gazebo, sandpit, children’s pool, and in the near future will be set swing and other elements of garden architecture. For tourists who want to take advantage of the offer, a wide range of attractions awaits. Eager can learn horse riding. The farm bred horses used for riding on ponies and ponies. In the evenings, feasts are organized by the bonfire or grill.

During their stay, guests will be provided with full board, prepared on the basis of products from the farm. Traditional dishes for the region will also be served, whose recipe is handed down from generation to generation so that they do not lose their regional character.

Meals are made from: meat from animals from own breeding and from own vegetables. The farm has a small plantation of strawberries and raspberries and an orchard with old varieties of apple trees. The landlady specializes in preparing preserves from meat, milk, vegetables and fruit.

The hostess received many prizes, ie the third place in the Competition “The Best Grocery Product of the Suwałki Region” for the tenderloin tenderloin. In the competition “Our culinary heritage” Monika received the following distinctions: in 2013 – distinction for smoked carp, in 2014 – distinction for crucian in vinegar, in 2015 – first place for perch in vinegar, in 2016-1st place for pork knuckle pot, in 2017- distinction for mushrooms with mushrooms.

Adres: Kurianki Pierwsze 18, Dowspuda 25, 16-420 Raczki
Telefon: 87 568 57 41, 604 541 893

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