Cheese “Basia”, Barbara Żeliszczak


  • Ripening Cheese “WIJAJNY” in various herbal flavors,
  • Culinary workshop on cheese production

Every story, even about cheese, must have its beginning. The cheese tradition of Wiżajn goes back 120 years, when in almost every farm rennet cheese was produced for its own use.

With the help of Helena’s mom, Mrs. Basia undertook the creation of a traditional cheese factory on her organic farm, which was based on unique recipes educated by generations in the region of Wiżajny. The initiative was a great success and over time home production, only for its own needs, evolved into a thriving company. Since 2010, Barbara Żeliszczak has been running her own “BASI CHEESE”.

The cheeses are made according to family recipes given by mother Helena and grandmother Janina. These are traditional recipes that take advantage of the wonderful natural conditions of the surrounding meadows, including the richness of herbs that affect the unique taste of the cheese. During the production, no additives are used – everything takes place as before.

Ripening Cheese “WIJAJNY”, is listed on the List of Traditional Products kept by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The “Wiżajny” cheese has won many awards and distinctions in the country: the national distinction of the competition Our Culinary Heritage – Perła 2005, Appreciation Polish, the recommendation of Slow Food Polska, the recommendation of Gault & Millau Polska. Magda Gesler, Gieno Mientkiewicz and Aleksander Baron also wrote about them.

Coming to the Basia cheese, it is worth stopping for a moment in Wiżajny. An interesting town that has preserved the former spatio-urban layout around the old market – called the Lower Market Square. A classicist manor from the first half of the 19th century has also been preserved there. It is also worth visiting the classicist brick church dedicated to Saint. Teresa of Avila.

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