Herbal Corner, Mirosław Angielczyk


  • Accommodation in traditional Podlasie huts,
  • traditional Podlaskie meals seasoned with regional herbs,
  • tales about herbs – visiting the garden with a guide,
  • herbal workshops – hand-made herbal blends and tinctures,
  • sleigh rides (in the winter season), carriage rides (in the summer season),
  • Bicycle Rental.
  • integration meetings,
  • outdoor feasts,
  • bonfires,
  • family celebrations.

In Ziołowy Zakątku, guests have the opportunity to learn about the history of herbal medicine and the traditional collection of plants from their natural state.

Among the aromas of herbs and spices coming from everywhere, guests can compose their own tea blends, create tinctures on the basis of valuable herbal raw materials, as well as seek herbal knowledge while trailing educational paths of the Podlasie Botanical Garden.

In the herbal corner, there is also a tavern. It is a climatic place maintained in a traditionally Podlachian style, perfect for spending time with your loved ones or in a wider circle of friends. The dishes served in the inn are based on proven recipes and seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. For the needs of the restaurant, there is an organic vegetable garden, where the plants are grown in an organic way, based on traditional cultivation methods.

In Ziołowe Zakątku, animals are bred, we also have our own eggs and dairy products. The ingredients are also collected in the surrounding forests and fields – in our kitchen we use various kinds of wild edible plants, widely recognized as weeds. In addition, we offer a wide range of herbal teas, coffees and alcoholic beverages and desserts. The menu changes depending on the season, dishes served during organized events are set individually.

In the tavern building there is also a separate Hunting Room, where it is possible to organize various types of celebrations.

Among the picturesque fields and forests of pristine Podlasie, away from the city’s pollution and the hustle and bustle of civilization, there is the Ziołowy Zakątek. This place breathes life’s doldrum, which here seems to slow down and roll with its lazy pace, consistent with nature and the cycles of the seasons.

Adres: Ziołowy Zakątek, Koryciny 73b, 17-315 Grodzisk
Telefon: 85 65 68 668
Strona www: http://www.ziolowyzakatek.pl

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