“Dażynka – nadbużańskie smaki”, Grażyna Putkowska


  • Traditional meats and delicatessen in a very wide assortment,
  • Nadbużańskie cheeses produced in a home way based on family regulations characteristic of the Bug River areas of southern Podlasie,
  • Orders for wedding tables, feasts and other special events,
  • Execution of individual orders – eg gift baskets,
  • Mail Order.

The small butcher and cheese-making house run by Grażyna and Dariusz Putkowscy operates on a farm located in ROTKÓW – a small town near Drohiczyn on the Bug. The activity is family-oriented, based on traditional recipes.

Produced with great passion and attention to quality, deli meats, delicatessen, cheese and mayonnaise are produced based on traditional, old recipes passed down from generation to generation.

The strictly observed production principle is the use of only natural spices, and smoked meat is a traditional method – wood from deciduous trees (mostly alder).

Ripened cheese and curd cheese produced from milk from cows grazing on Bug River meadows have a rich palette of flavors obtained by adding natural spices, vegetables, fruits and seeds.

These specialties do not contain artificial additives, ie preservatives, dyes or flavor enhancers.

The products manufactured by the Putkov state have received many awards in culinary competitions at the regional, provincial and national levels.

Lovers of ancient, lost flavors and aromas of traditional meats and a healthy eating style are welcome to the Putkov farm. You will find out about the quality and authenticity of homemade products, and the excellent taste will remain in your memory for a very long time. We especially recommend pork and poultry pate with the addition of eggs for their own farm-breeding and natural spices prepared according to the recipe of their great-grandmother Janina Putkowska and according to tradition, baked in a bread oven. Thanks to this, it has a unique taste and aroma. Both children and adults love it.

Adres: Rotki 1, 17-312 Drohiczyn
Telefon: 570 001 649
Strona www: http://www.dazynka.pl
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Da%C5%BCynka-Nadbu%C5%BCa%C5%84skie-Smaki-1554952674763577/

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