The Prussian settlement, Piotr Łukaszewicz


  • Visiting the object
  • Educational and recreation activities
  • Accommodation in the fortress
  • Traditional regional cuisine
  • Outdoor events
  • Horse Riding
  • Archery

Unpolluted place, peace and quiet attract tourists. It is very important to be able to learn about your own roots not only from textbooks, but also from exhibits, and the possibility of being in the old history.

The Jaćwiesko-Pruska settlement in Oszkiniy, on the Polish-Lithuanian border – it is a stone and wooden complex imitating the former settlement of Yotvingians. The castle reconstructed thanks to many years of efforts by Piotr Łukaszewicz presents many aspects of contemporary life: beliefs (power stone!), Defensive assumptions, residential and economic buildings, everyday life. It is a unique object where you can truly move in time and space, see and feel how the tribes of Bałtów lived in the twelfth and twelfth centuries.

Educational and recreational activities are conducted in the settlement, combined with the cultivation of the Yotvingian customs. Tourists can try to live in spartan conditions: sleep in huts built of bales on reconstructed wooden beds covered with leather, and prepare dishes on stone hearths. The goal of the founder of the settlement, Piotr Łukaszewicz, is to save the memory of the ancient inhabitants of these lands, which is why he is constantly enriching his work, gathering historical knowledge about these areas. The owner of the settlement is identified with the Bałtami, he believes that Lithuanian-Prussian-Yotvingian blood flows in his veins. Guided tours, he vividly describes the contemporary reality. In this way, he wants to save the memory of his warlike ancestors.

Launching the Recreation and Recreation Center with the preservation of the historical heritage called “Osada Jaćwiesko-Pruska” in the village of Oszkinie (Puńsk commune), the jury of the “Way for Success” awarded the II degree Award as part of Initiatives for the development of local communities.

Adres: Oszkinie 42, 16-515 Puńsk
Telefon: 87 516 12 35, 603 977 637
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