Restaurant “Ruta”, Waldemar Pieczulis


  • Dishes of regional and Lithuanian cuisine
  • Organization of weddings and special events
  • Catering, outdoor events
  • Sauna with a banquet room and a Russian banya

Restaurant “Ruta” is located in a small town of Puńsk on the Polish-Lithuanian border, inhabited mostly by Polish Lithuanians. The facility is located by the picturesque lake Punia. Our guests can use the banquet hall, restaurant, terrace and summer garden with barbecue, and in addition – for health! – from Russian sucks. Ruta is a herb popular in Lithuanian culture and traditions, whose healing properties were already known in antiquity. Yes and food available here – it is both tasty and healthy.

In the restaurant you can try Lithuanian specialties: kartaczy, kiszki potato (both these dishes in 2015 awarded the first place in the competition Our Culinary Heritage), czenaks, Lithuanian blinis, kibinów. In addition, “Ruta” offers delicious homemade sourdough bread, sausages, stuffed fish, anthills, cake-cakes and pies. There is everything that can please and delight the most fastidious palates of regional dishes.

If you are looking for a catering company, outdoor events, wedding planner or special events, then the offer of the “Ruta” Restaurant will ensure the highest quality of your event.

Do you want to improve the body’s immunity, have firm skin and feel better? Treat yourself to séances in the soda, where you usually drink hot herbal tea with honey or other additives while waiting for a bath. Bania is also a motif of folk beliefs, as a place where people could come in contact with demons.

Adres: ul. 1-go Maja 12, 16-515 Puńsk
Telefon: 691 845 228
Strona www:

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