Lithuanian Inn Užeiga, Aldona Wołyniec


  • The dishes of Lithuanian regional cuisine
  • Organization of occasional events
  • catering

Inn Užeiga is located in a quiet area on the outskirts of the town of Puńsk, on the Polish-Lithuanian border. The object is maintained in the style of a former wooden hut, with original elements of Lithuanian folk handicrafts. It offers a unique opportunity to get acquainted with delicious dishes of Lithuanian cuisine, which form the basis of a menu and rest in the beautiful East Susi region.

In the cozy surroundings and warm atmosphere, the regional specialties taste delicious: delicious cepelina (kartacz), potato goulash, blini, kibiny, homemade meats, delicatessen and home-made bread. In its card, the Inn also offers hand-baked pies, sweet anthills, fluffy donuts, and shortbread croissants. The products are made on a regular basis, which guarantees their high quality and freshness.

There is also the possibility of submitting all kinds of catering orders, the implementation of which is based on excellent regional dishes prepared according to traditional recipes.

The inn also offers the possibility of organizing regional feasts based on Lithuanian culinary traditions and any events and celebrations.

The nearest tourist attraction is the nineteenth-century open-air museum, otherwise known as the Museum of the Lithuanian Center for Folk Culture. We will find in it, among others, houses, cowsheds, barns, a granary and a well with a crane, and the main attraction – a barn theater.

Adres: Puńsk, ul. Szkolna 67
Telefon: 697 161 417

Current prices please check with the owner of the object.

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