Honey, Piotr Witkowski


  • Natural bee honey
  • Propolis
  • Pollen
  • propolis
  • Bee’s node
  • Wax

The apiary economy of Jolanta and Piotr Witkowski is a combination of passion and tradition. A wide selection of honeys and other beekeeping products (beehive, pollen, propolis, beehive and wax) has a large group of loyal customers who appreciate both the taste and ecological character of apiary products.

The beehives of the Witkowskis are standing in the border zone between Poland and Lithuania, i.e. in the area where no one cultivated land for many decades, which directly affects the huge purity of ecological beekeeping products. Honey is produced based on several dozen characteristic honey plants (including various species of willows, maples, common dandelion, white clover and meadow clover). This is reflected in the characteristic strong aroma and the expressive, unique taste of honey.

The taste was appreciated at the Biesiada Miodowa in Kurów, where he won the first place for the most tasty heather honey and was awarded the Podlasie Voivodship Award.

The ecological and traditional character is complemented by wooden hives, in which hard-working bees produce sweet nectar from which unheated honey is created.

Honey from the apiaries of Jolanta and Piotr Witkowski belong to honeys from the Sejny region and the region of Łoździeje (Lazdijai) in Lithuania, which from 31 January 2012 were entered by the EU into the list of products with the protected name of origin. The honey produced on the Polish side is referred to as honey from the Sejny region, and honey from Łoździejszczyzna produced in Lithuania.

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