Olszański cheese, Oksana Tomaszewska


  • ‘Olszański’ cheese fresh with herbal additions,
  • ‘Olszański’ cheese smoked with alder wood,
  • Cottage cheese, butter. 

Are you curious about the taste of real cheese that you will not find in the hypermarket? If so, look for the small town of Olszanka in the Suchowola commune. Mrs. Oksana manufactures regional dairy products in a traditional way. The rennet cheeses, curd cheese and butter are made of milk obtained from own cows. And what is probably the most important, cows happy because until winter freely staying on natural pastures. Thanks to this, milk and hence and the products obtained from it have a unique and natural taste. Mrs. Oksana adds various spices and herbs from her own garden to her cheese, which also translates into excellent taste. The Olszański cheese is also smoked in the traditional way, with cold smoke from alder wood. The name of the cheese: “Olszański” comes both from the village – Olszanka and alder wood used for smoking. All this together gives a unique taste, appreciated by all who have once tasted the products of Mrs. Oksana.

Each stage of production at Pani Oksana is based on traditional and natural methods. Here, there is no room for compromise – an extremely busy cheese making process is recognizable from the first bite.

Adres: Olszanka 11
Telefon: +48 504 557 946
E-mail: oksana.tomaszewska@o2.pl
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oksana.tomaszewska

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