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Dear gourmet, with pleasure flowing from the taste buds, we present you Koryciński Swojski cheese – the pride of the land of Korycińska – from the label of Agnieszka and Marcin Bielec, located in the village of Aulakowszczyzna. Few people in Poland have not heard about the most famous cheese-making cheese – Koryciński “Swojski”. According to family messages, it has been produced continuously since the Swedish Deluge. The cheese is exceptionally well-received: it received the “Pearl of 2004” in the competition “Our Culinary Heritage – Tastes of Regions”, is listed on the List of Traditional Products and has the EU mark Protected Geographical Indication.

In the family home label of Bielce, generations of milk from their own cows fed in the surrounding meadows are produced from exceptional milk with different herbal flavors. Ser Koryciński “Swojski” gained enormous recognition of consumers, becoming a culinary hit at home and abroad.

The taste of Korycin cheese depends both on the use of a wide range of different herbs and natural flavors, as well as on the time of aging and even the season of the year in which it was made. Therefore, this taste can not get bored and often pleasantly surprises with another interesting shade.

Adres: Aulakowszczyzna 12, 16-140 Korycin, woj. podlaskie
Telefon: 85 72 19 335, 694 436 229, 606 921 040
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