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  • regional meals from the ministerial list of traditional products
  • modern dishes from local, ecological raw materials

In the northern part of the Podlasie Lowland, at the source of the Sokołdy River in the city of Sokółka, in the immediate vicinity of the Big Tatar Trail, there is the restaurant “Karczma pod Sokołem”. Its owners have been cultivating Podlasie traditions for years, producing products entered into the ministerial list of traditional products such as Kumpiak Podlaski, Kindziuk Sokólski and Ser Suszony Podlaski. They take pride in the culinary tradition of the Podlasie countryside, which makes dishes not only tasty, but also healthy.

It is here, thanks to the chef of Mariusz Dąbała, that the classics of the borderland cuisine combine with modern culinary techniques, ensuring that the menu card changes with the seasons and the availability of the best raw materials.

In the wooden interior of the 100-year-old building, guests can enjoy Sagan Sokólski, lamb pelmeni or a saddle of lamb with pumpkin dumplings, peas, brussels sprouts.

The vision of modern Podlasie cuisine has been appreciated by 100best Restaurant and has been invariably in the guide for more than 5 years.

After a great feast, it is worth visiting the area – Sokółka – a royal city, which in 1609 was transformed by Zygmunt III from the crown village, famous for breeding sokołów and the hunting mansion Suchold. Sacred monuments will lead us through rich culture, permeating religions.

Adres: Sokółka, ul. Grodzieńska 51
Telefon: +48 535 333 905
Strona www:

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