Ekosmak Meats from Studzieńczyna, Karolina Moniuszko


  • Traditional meats in a very wide assortment.
  • Orders for wedding tables, feasts and other special events
  • Individual orders – eg gift baskets.

Natural and delicious meat? Only from places far from cities. Our small family butcher’s shop is located in Studzieńczyn in the commune of Janów. For over a dozen years, we have been manufacturing homemade cold meats produced according to family recipes passed down from generation to generation. We produce cured meats without the addition of any preservatives, other so-called “Enhancers”, our products are not injected either. Finished products are smoked with alder wood for many hours, which gives them a great taste and can be stored for a long time without fear of spoilage. They will dry faster without losing their taste than they blush. We make every effort to ensure that our smoked products are of the best quality and resemble old flavors. The quality of “Ekosmak” products is confirmed by awards and distinctions obtained at various competitions. Our greatest pride is Perła – a nationwide award for the “Old Polish Wędzonka” awarded by the National Chapter of the “Our Culinary Heritage – Tastes of the Regions” Competition.

Our offer includes, among other things, prizes awarded in nationwide competitions: Old Polish smoked meat, dried tenderloin and bacon roulade on herbs.

Going for delicious products, it is worth stopping for a moment in the village of Janów. There are two traditional workshops for weaving in the country. Carpets are made on hand looms in rural weaving workshops. The products of local artists can be seen, among others, in the House of Weaving.

Adres: Studzieńczyna 8, 16-130 Janów
Telefon: 506 290 832

Current prices please check with the owner of the object.

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