Forested manor house, Małgorzata Ostapowicz


  • Accommodation in family rooms (24 sq m) and 2 persons (13 sq m): 50 zlotys / person.
  • Meals – home-cooked meals of the Podlasie cuisine breakfast: PLN 20 / person. lunch and dinner: PLN 30 / person
  • Culinary workshops and flax prickles for adults and children: PLN 50 – PLN 100 / person (min 5 persons -)
  • Regional feasts (in the grill arbor or fireplace lounge: PLN 100 -150 PLN / person (min 10 people – max 30 persons)
  • Culinary Specialty: Bread made with home-made sourdough, Wild boar, Dumplings with all kinds of filling

Leśny Dworek is created by the family of Małgorzata and Bogusław Ostapowicz. The heart of the house is a classic kitchen with a wood-burning stove, where traditional Podlasie dishes are prepared for guests, passed down from generation to generation. The beekeeper’s passion is beekeeping, and guests can try unique forest honeys from the surrounding forests. A “Russian pumpkin” awaits the lovers of the sauna, which will harden each body and provide a lot of pleasure. The hosts also invite you to joint bonfires in good company. There is also a pond stocked with fish, carp, karas, roach, weir and rudd.

During the workshops organized in Leśny Dworek, you will get to know the secrets of forest honeys, threshing, braking and combing flax, as well as cooking – preparing regional dishes, making pierogi, etc.

In one of the rooms in the attic there is a Club of Collectors and Hunting Culture showing trophies and cultivating the traditions of hunting.

In our offer you will find many attractions addressed to your children. In addition to a playground, trampolines, slides, sandbox, swings and toys, you have at your disposal a range of sports activities such as table tennis, badminton, volleyball (pitch) swimming pool for children up to 5 years old. as well as board games. He also cordially invites you to the area – cycling, fishing, big mushroom picking, birds and stars observations and many other attractions.

Adres: Kryłatka 4, 16-310 Sztabin
Telefon: 512 479 870
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