Butcher’s shop “Bierbrzańskie Smaki”, Małgorzata Wojtach


  • Traditional meats in a very wide assortment,
  • Orders for wedding tables, feasts and other special events,
  • Individual orders - eg gift baskets.

The production of traditional meats is the passion and pride of Mrs. Małgorzata and Krzysztof, who successfully run a family butcher’s shop. Delicious flavors and ecological origin of the butcher’s products are the hallmarks of the Biebrza Flavors. The production is based on own pig farming, which guarantees the highest quality meat. The Wojtach family produce a wide range of meat products such as baked smoked meats, thin sausages, thick sausages, giblets and sausages on a rural table. The recipes for these specialties come from the family-savored culinary knowledge saved from oblivion, which have been honored with a number of prizes during the Our Culinary Heritage contest, including the highest national distinction, which is Perła.

The products can be purchased directly on site. Meats also often go to country tables prepared for special events.

The Biebrza Smaki Masarnia has a room where various meetings and special events are organized. Usually traditional dishes are served, such as: potato cake, potato goulash, kartacz, dumplings, etc.

In traditional smokehouses from bricks, the products are smoked with natural smoke, and the unique aromas of cured meats come from a mixture of various types of deciduous trees, including alder wood, often sprinkled with the smell of juniper. Tasty aroma persists for a long time and completes the wonderful taste of the dishes.

Adres: Szpakowo 57
Telefon: 662 617 949
Strona www: http://www.biebrzanskiesmaki.pl
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Biebrzańskie-Smaki-308987206128582/

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