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From the windows of our plant there is a picturesque view of the natural environment. A small, charming river Narewka, which flows on the edge of our property, and annual guests of our property – a family of storks – completes the characteristic appearance of Podlasie.

Our factory is located in the small village of Lewkowo, old in the Białowieża Primeval Forest, a prehistoric ground of uncontaminated nature, which allows us to enjoy its benefits. The place of production matters – it is a message that we realize through the nature of our products.

Old Polish Vodka is a character of home-made alcohols produced in former times by a manufactory method. The exceptionally mild taste base of the product is selected grain spirit. They are produced in small limited batches in a long set-up process, and bottling takes place in a manual manner.

Adres: Lewkowo Stare
Telefon: +48 734 427 102
Strona www: http://www.oldpolishvodka.pl/

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