Mandrivka Ewa Stepaniuk


  • Gingerbread decorations made by hand with the use of traditional design,
  • Gingerbread decorating workshops (for children and adults).

Can you eat a work of art? You can, but only from Mandrivka will taste. Mandrivka is both a journey into the past, present travels and small steps into the future. The main theme of the company run by Ms Ewa is products that are based on local assets and resources. The offer is inspired by local tradition, a historic unusual color of the area. Artistry and heart inserted in the production of hand-decorated gingerbreads is simply unheard of. Culinary Artistic Crafts created with passion by Ms Ewa is a great gift and souvenir from tourist journeys. Mandrivka found her place in the Land of Open Shutters, a place that maintains the traditional principles of hospitality and openness to every visitor. These rules give you the opportunity to draw a lot of inspiration to work. Mandrivka functions in a perfect combination of a wonderful cultural heritage and surrounded by wonderful nature, while art that simultaneously acts on the sense of taste, sight and smell attracts both tourists and local residents.

The Narew valley has an absolutely unique route – the Land of Open Shutters. The old wooden architecture with a rich, unique outdoor decoration is the determinant of the route, but there are also other attractions and those created by human hand, and those designed by nature.

Adres: Puchły 62, 17-210 Narew
Telefon: 662 044 775
Strona www:

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