Buda’s village


  • Accommodation in double and triple rooms.
  • Dining based on your own recipes and natural products

Sioło Budy is a dreamlike place located in the heart of the Bialowieza Forest. Hidden from civilization, it is an ideal place to relax. At your disposal are stylish rooms in old wooden huts, which in a climatic way create a habitat, consisting of three houses. In the main house, at the common table, you can enjoy regional delicacies at breakfast, and in the afternoon eat a unique home-made dinner, prepared by the hosts from Podlasie products. In each house there is a lounge with a fireplace, where you can relax, and during long autumn or winter evenings, play board games, or read books from our library. Around the houses is a large area full of amenities, not only for children, including playground, fireplace, hammocks and sauna. Because the surrounding forests are perfect for cycling trips, we can rent bikes.

Sioło Budy is a place for everyone who is looking for a moment of respite in a family atmosphere close to nature.

Under the forest there is a real gem of this place – an open-air museum. It is a mapping of a rural homestead from the vicinity of the Bialowieza Forest from the first half of the 19th century. He was transferred from the town of Dobrowoda in the Kleszczele commune. It is a farm borderland farm with a beautiful white hut from 1836. In the middle is a stove, as well as the only active wooden chimney preserved in Poland. From the beginning, the roof is covered with a straw thatched roof. Next to it is the Karczma Osocznika, which serves regional delicacies.

Adres: Białowieża
Telefon: 608 400 272
Strona www: http://www.siolo-budy.pl

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