Pickling with Tradition, Anna i Marek Sienkiewicz


  • Traditional preserves (traditional silages), regional products,
  • culinary workshops “Discovering traditional flavors”,
  • relaxing in the bee’s chamber surrounded by real bees,
  • accommodation in an agrotouristic accommodation.

Spouses Marek and Anna Sienkiewicz run a family farm in the small village of Czarna Wieś Kościelna located in the heart of the Knyszyńska Forest. For years they have been specializing in pickling cabbage and pickles. The traditional cultivation of vegetables used for processing guarantees the quality of the product, which is also confirmed by the HACCP system implemented in the farm. Processing is carried out according to traditional methods of ensiling and storage. The recipe of pickling has not changed for many years, thanks to which the taste and quality of the product are unique. The sauerkraut is only pickled with salt, without modern chemical additives, no preservatives, fermentation accelerators.

The special offer includes a unique sauerkraut in the head, which was entered on the List of Traditional Products of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, as well as health juice from beetroot. The products of your Sienkiewicz family regularly win prizes during the competition Our Culinary Heritage. The farm has also joined the initiative of the Themed Villages “Puszczańskie Tradycje” and as part of its offer organizes workshops for cutting cabbage and sauerkraut and baking homemade bread. The hosts show great care in cultivating old traditions, recreating disappearing recipes and passing them on to subsequent generations.

Adres: Czarna Wieś Kościelna, ul. ks. E. Szapela 18A
Telefon: 85 710 91 17, 513 021 609
E-mail: anna.sienkiewicz1963@gmail.com

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