Oil Paradise, Kamila Zubrycka Sobolewska


  • Cold pressed oils from: flax, sunflower, rape, hemp, pumpkin, black cumin, sesame, milk thistle, evening primrose, etc. in various weights,
  • Seeds of flax, sunflower, milk thistle, black cumin, etc.,
  • Flour and cereal

It all started with Ms Kamila’s interest in the health properties of linseed oil. Not being able to find high-quality hoppers on the market, she had to take care of the production itself and that’s how a great adventure with oil-pressing began. A small cold-pressed oil factory was created which automatically excludes the use of chemical additives during production. And this is the most important thing for Mrs. Kamila and her colleagues – to bring the highest-class product to the consumer’s table. The oils are tested for the content of heavy metals, fatty acid profiles and many other elements important for the quality of the product. The production crew carefully monitors every stage of production. We have no compromises. The final product must be rich in valuable fatty acids, vitamins and free of heavy metals. The team of Olejowego Raju is a person full of passion for a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. Office workers watch over the quality of purchased raw materials, primarily from Polish farmers. And hard work pays off because customers appreciate the delicate taste and the expressive quality of our specialties.

If you value the highest class of products, it is here that you will find the best product.

Adres: ul. Przemysłowa 1, 16-010 Wasilków
Strona www: http://www.olejowyraj.pl
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/olejowyraj

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