Cheese, Jerzy Kozioł


  • Cream cheese, rennet
  • Smoked rennet cheese
  • Flavored rennet cheese – black cumin
  • Flavored rennet cheese – Herbes de Provence
  • Tasty rennet cheese – a blend of herbs and tomato
  • Flavored rennet cheese – colorful pepper
  • Seasoned rennet cheese – garlic
  • Any taste to order.

He knows everything about cheese – Mr. Jerzy Kozioł – owner of a family cheese company. His passion feels like a unique taste, shaped by the years of perfecting recipes passed down for generations to the family of the State of Kozioł. The company specializes in rennet cheeses – a type in which the cheese mass is obtained by cutting the rennet with milk and then undergoes ripening. The richness of taste and nutrients is based on natural ingredients obtained from the farm of Kozioł State.

Adres: Kamienica
Telefon: 503 066 300; 513 632 252

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