Bakery “Tomcio Paluch”, Anna Zubrycka

Bakery “Tomcio Paluch” is a Bialystok manufacture created to recreate flavors that we remember from childhood. We remembered with longing the smell of yeast cake, or the slightly sour taste of natural, true sourdough bread. Therefore, we only bake healthy bread, using the traditional method, based on spelled flour and on your own natural rye sourdough. Bake rye bread, spelled bread and naturally gluten-free flour, 100% spelled buns and buns and cookies. Cereal grains come from Poland, from regional mills. Additives to bread in the form of herbs and grains are imported from European countries. Bake without flavor enhancers, scarifiers and artificial additives. We do not use leaven or powder coloring substances. The whole process of creating bread is phased, without haste – as it used to be. We refer to traditions, flavors and memories of years of carefree childhood. Buns and buns are baked in 100% spelled flour with the addition of real butter and milk, without the addition of wheat flour. We care about the real taste, which is why we add fresh fruit or preserves to our sweet rolls. We are the laureate of the 1st prize in the competition Our Culinary Heritage. Our products can be found in Bialystok stores and health food stores.

Adres: Białystok
Telefon: 660 453 128

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