Leipalingis Valsčius office

After Lithuania proclaimed the restoration of its independence in 1918, local self-government began to be established. The Leipalingis parish council was elected in December 1918. The Law of Municipalities of Lithuania that was enacted on 10 October 1919 stated that the highest authority of a valsčius (the smallest governmental administrative unit) is the valsčius council. On 28 April 1919, Jonas Svecevičius was elected the first head of the Leipalingis valsčius and Juozas Volungaitis became the office’s secretary. In 1926–1927, the valsčius used its own and Department of Municipalities support funds to build in this location a brick building. Several offices, a small kitchen and a jail composed of four rooms were set up in the building.

Adres: Veisiejų g. 4

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