Leipalingis Parish house

Father Jurgis Zienius bought this plot of land in 1894 with his own funds and transferred ownership of it to the parish. However, the parish house was built only in 1910, when Father Juozas Laukaitis (1873–1955) (an activist in Lithuanianlanguage publishing, later becoming a prelate and a Member of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, and was later exiled to a Soviet prison) became pastor in Leipalingis. A spacious meeting hall, a shop, a tea room and a “Žiburys” Society bookshop were built in the parish house. The cooperative “Ūkininkas” (1921-1931) and the agricultural cooperative “Seira” (1938) operated here as well. During the Second World War, the building burned down. In 1944, 394 soldiers of the occupying Soviet army were buried here.

Adres: Soldiers’ cemetery

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