Leipalingis Militsya station

A unit of militsiya was organised in Leipalingis in April 1919. Members of the militsiya were paid from the fines paid by smugglers. The Law on Militsiya was enacted on 14 May 1920. Guardian Angels Day (as a day marking the police profession) was first celebrated on 2 October 1921; later, during the Soviet period, this celebration was prohibited. In 1924, the militsiya was officially renamed the police. In 1940, with the arrival of the Soviet authorities, the name of militsiya was reinstated. Starting in 1944, the militsiya became a part of the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (in Russian, NKVD). The local NKVD headquarters was established in the home of an exiled teacher, Juozas Kaukas (Dzūkų g. 15).

Adres: Dzūkų g. 16

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