Leipalingis Machine tractor station (MTS)

The Leipalingis MTS of Veisiejai District began operations in 1950. A machine and horse rental point functioned as part of the MTS, renting out to country people the horses and agricultural equipment that had been nationalised from farmers or which stood abandoned in the farms of the country people who had been sent into exile. The MTS performed maintenance of tractors, combines and other agricultural equipment and rented such machinery to collective farms. In 1958, the MTS was reformed into the Leipalingis repairequipment station, and in 1963, into the Lazdijai land-improvement construction department. In 1990, the institution was reorganised into the Lazdijai state landimprovement company. In 1995, it became the company AB “Leimesta”.

Adres: Alėjos g. 29

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