Leipalingis Library

The residence of Jonas Bučionis, a participant in the battles for independence (1919–1923) and a merchant, stood at this location. Establishment of a network of state libraries was begun in 1937. The teacher Jonas Krušinskas led the Leipalingis library, established in the Bučionis home. The library was open for two weekdays (3–4 hours) and on Sundays (3 hours). To ensure books were returned, a 5-litas deposit was required. The poor, pupils and those performing mandatory military service were not required to leave a deposit. During the Second World War, the library was moved to the Aleksonis home, next to the synagogue. In July 1944, the building burned, and on 1 November, the library was reopened. Today, the library makes its home at the Leipalingis Manor.

Adres: Dzūkų g. 14

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