Leipalingis Antanas Laukaitis’s pharmacy

The residence together with the pharmacy of Antanas Laukaitis (1890–1938), a participant in the battles for independence and an organiser of Lithuanian governmental authority in Leipalingis, stood at this location in 1919. In 1911, Laukaitis passed the examinations at a university in Kharkov (now Kharkiv) to become a pharmacist’s assistant, and in accordance with the laws of that time, a pharmacist’s assistant had the right to establish a pharmacy in any city except district centres. In 1918, Laukaitis performed the duties of the head of the Seinai district (in Polish, Sejny). At the invitation of Father Juozas Laukaitis, Antanas Laukaitis moved in 1919 to Leipalingis, where he opened his pharmacy. He began to organise the valsčius and units of the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union. During the Second World War, as the battlefield moved west, the pharmacy was destroyed.

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