Vytenis and Rima Bagdanavičius “Dzūkiškos bulvinės bandos” (Dzūkija-style potato buns)


 Advance registration is necessary. The educational space is accessible to those with disabilities.

The village of Varnėnai has been making a name for itself the last several years, thanks to the potato buns baked by Vytenis and Rima. The idea of baking Dzūkija-style buns came to Vytenis when he recalled his childhood visits to his grandmother’s house in the village of Radastai in the Dzūkija region, and the aroma and flavour of the baked buns that were a delicious part of those visits. The beginning was difficult, and it took six years to recreate the recipe in order to earn certification as culinary heritage. The buns in fact have the authentic flavour of those days, because they are made from ingredients produced on organic farms and baked in an old-fashioned oven. The distinctive aroma of the buns comes from the cabbage leaves in which they are wrapped and from the sauce sprinkled with spirgučiai (similar to pork cracklings or bacon bits). During the educational programme, guests can watch and participate in the baking process.

Adres: Lakštingalų g. 6, Varnėnai, Lazdijai District
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