“Punios ainiai” (Ancestors of Punia)


Length: 2 hours; group size: 20–60 (advance reservation is necessary). The programme is accessible to those with disabilities. Contact: Ona Kizelienė

Several years ago, the town of Punia became a part of the international Way of Saint James (Camino de Santiago), connecting Lithuania with the network of pilgrim routes throughout Europe. The route in Lithuania (Camino Lituano), prepared on the basis of the international Way of Saint James, has enlivened life in the town of Punia. The community organisation “Punios ainiai” and the hardworking Onutė Kizelienė have created exceptional certified culinary-heritage products and educational programmes. During your visit to a traditional riverside home, you can make local foods including: potato buns on cabbage leaves; broth; curd cheese mixed with milk or smetana. You can make pancakes using single-milled flour, a dish which is found on local tables today less often than in the past. Onutė can show you how to bake a buckwheat cake, which she makes a little differently from the usual way; she uses clarified butter. While the buns or pancakes are baking, participants in the educational programme, accompanied by a local guide, have a chance to take a stroll around Punia, climb up the Punia hill-fort, and hear a bit of Punia’s history and its legends. Available educational programmes include Baking Dzūkija-style potato buns, Baking pancakes using single-milled flour and Baking Dzūkija-style buckwheat cake.

Adres: Punios k., Punios sen., Alytus District Municipality
Telefon: +370 611 45791
E-mail: ona.kizeliene@gmail.com

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