“Plėšikų giria” (Forest full of bandits)


Programme length: 2 hours; price: 10 €/person. Minimum group size: 20.

The impenetrable forest, which in the 19th century was part of the Jurgeliškė folwark of Leipalingis manor, inspires the imagination even today with the things that may or may not have happened there. It is said that there were bandits in the forest who were never seen by the local inhabitants, but were often spoken of. Sadly, only an old poplar tree remains to remind us of those days, so it is entirely a surprise, and a pleasant one, at that, to meet presentday wanna-be outlaws: fording streams in a horse-drawn wagon, horseback-riding, shooting with a bow and arrows, fun tasks, cooking salo (lašiniai) and potatoes on a campfire, other 19th-century entertainment.

Telefon: +370 671 39 071, Antanas Vailionis

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