Pivašiūnai community


Programme length: 2 hours; group size: 15–30

The cosy, compact town of Pivašiūnai has long been known for its miraculous painting of the Mother of God with the Christ Child and the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. The town’s church is part of the Pilgrim Route of John Paul II in Lithuania. During the Feast of the Assumption of Mary in 1988, the painting, known for its blessings, was adorned with crowns donated by Pope John Paul II and the painting was given the title of Nuliūdusiųjų Paguoda (Consoler of the Afflicted).

The community is happy to acquaint visitors to the crafts centre with the local culinary heritage. You can shape a loaf of rye bread yourself and pop it into a freshlyfired bread-baking oven, in summer you can churn butter with an old-fashioned buikelė (butter churn) and taste the result right on the spot. You can also participate in the process of making local dishes including potato buns on cabbage leaves, buckwheat cakes, pies, pastries, švilpikai (“whistlers”, a potato pastry) and kūčiukai (bite-sized pastries with poppy seeds), and taste them fresh out of the oven. The energetic Stasė Čižauskienė can teach you how to bake the local speciality, potato buns, according to grandma’s recipe.

Adres: Trakų g. 33, Pivašiūnai, Alytus District
Telefon: +370 692 11 229
E-mail: pivasiunuamatucentras@gmail.com
Strona www: https://www.alytusinfo.lt/tourism-view_education/id-563/

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