Leipalingis Manor


  • Disabled people can only get to the first floor
  • Advance reservation is necessary

Leipalingis Manor, having lived through more than a few centuries, is now an important centre for cultivating traditional manor culture. It is only natural that the Leipalingis Lower Secondary School (Progimnazija) Algirdas Volungevičius Local-History Museum, located at the manor, together with the town community carries out educational activities reflecting the traditions of 19th century manor life. This means a lot more to visitors than just seeing the centuries-old history of the town’s streets. The noble dances at the manor, the romantic and mysterious “language of the hand fan”, and the opportunity to taste dishes of fish, meat or salad made according to 19th century manor recipes give visitors a personal experience of the mood and flavour of 19th century manor life.

Adres: Alėjos g. 30, LT-67279 Leipalingis, Druskininkai Municipality
Telefon: +370 612 23 212
E-mail: leipalingis.dvaras@gmail.com

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