Kančėnai village community “Dėmesio centras” (Centre of Attention)


Educational programme length: 2–4 hours

The small village of Kančėnai is located on the shore of Niedulis Lake, near Daugai in Alytus District. Kančėnai’s most valuable asset is its energetic community, led by Monika Ražanauskienė, an enthusiastic cultivator of culinary heritage. Stopping in at the cosy community centre, you can get to know the traditional centuries-old but also certified culinary heritage of the Dzūkija region, including potato buns baked according to recipes handed down from generation to generation, Grandma’s pie and a delicious caraway beverage. All of these things are made using organic ingredients, enriched with the natural goodness that only nature itself can provide.

Adres: Mokyklos g. 6, Kančėnų k., Daugai eldership, Alytus District Municipality
Telefon: +370 698 40768
E-mail: monikarazanauskiene@gmail.com

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