Inn-guest house “Alėjos ąžuolas”

The guest house “Alėjos ąžuolas” is located in the old part of the town of Leipalingis, on the edge of the central square, in the same spot where the old restaurant of Leipalingis stood. Odeta Palačionytė manages the guest house. Working together with the town community and the Leipalingis Lower Secondary School (progimnazija), Odeta cultivates local culinary heritage. Visitors can order various Lithuanian dishes, including potato pancakes, “potato pudding” (bulvių plokštainis, similar to the Jewish kugel), stuffed potato dumplings (cepelinai), and various soups, including cabbage soup. Visitors can also try traditional dishes that were popular among the pre-war Jewish population. Tasting minced herring (forshmak) and chicken broth with matzo balls (kneidelach) and making bagels is a great way to better understand the history, traditions and customs of the Jewish community that had lived in Leipalingis.

Adres: Dzūkų g. 21, Leipalingis, Druskininkai Municipality
Telefon: +370 686 56 134

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