Alovė community centre “Susiedai”


Programme length: 2 hours (advance registration is necessary, group size: 15–30 persons, other educational programmes are also available for large groups).

The creative and harmonious community organisation “Susiedai”, led by Asta Kisielienė, lives and prospers in the small town of Alovė, next to the lake of the same name. Under her energetic leadership, the organisation cultivates the old-time crafts and the culinary heritage of the local residents, who are known as Dzūkai. Visitors are shown how to bake traditional foods in an authentic oven, including bread, pancakes using singlemilled flour and potato buns wrapped in a cabbage leaf. Educational programmes include “How bread gets from the grain to the table”, “Potato buns wrapped in cabbage leaves” and “Making pancakes using single-milled flour.”

At the community centre “Susiedai”, you can find homemade bread and baked goods, certified culinary heritage products, to take home and share with friends and family.

Adres: Alovė, Kranto g. 1, 64117 Alytus District Municipality
Telefon: +370 678 34 109

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