Algis and Jolanta Milius family beekeeping farm


Programme length: 1.5–2 hours Group size: from 10 to 45 Season: May–September Advance reservation is necessary. Accommodation is available.

Algis and Jolanta Milius have had their beekeeping farm since 2003. In 2015, Algis was recognised as the best beekeeper in Lithuania. The farm has also received awards for the excellent condition of the beehives. The farmers care for more than a hundred bee colonies, which in turn generously collect honey. The uncontaminated forested environment of the Dzūkija region and the farm’s honey extraction and storage facilities, maintained according to the highest standards, preserve the honey’s nutritional qualities. At the Milius family farm, you can taste honey produced from linden blossoms, the surrounding forest or buckwheat, rich in microelements, and get to know how the bees live and what plants the honey comes from, and even make a beeswax candle.

Adres: Žaliamiškio g. 38, Stračiūnų k., Leipalingio sen., LT-67267 Druskininkai Municipality
Telefon: +370 618 54 542

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