What is most valuable is usually hidden from our eyes. That is why our initiative is aimed at facilitating you in discovering the treasures of Polish and Lithuanian culture. We invite you to a journey full of traditional, regional flavors, along the way full of tourist attractions and places where you can buy items typical only for a given region. And when you feel tired – we will help you find a unique place to rest, both shorter and longer.

By choosing the place on our trail, we were guided by the preservation of tradition, often multigenerational, the desire to show the multiculturalism of these regions and to promote life in harmony with nature. Among the points that you will find here are many winners of renowned competitions, there are places known to lovers of regional trips, but also small family-owned companies that are not available so far, offering their services and products only to local residents.

Food producers, restaurants and accommodation are first of all family businesses, drawing on recipes from recipes passed down from generation to generation. This unique area of our route is a mix of many religions and cultures, which translates into unique dishes, folk art and interesting places, nowhere else.

Cultural routes without borders are also varied, often wild nature. There are the largest swamps in Poland, majestic backwaters, a national park inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, only species of animals and plants occurring in this region.

The Lithuanian part of the route will surprise you with its interesting monuments and colorful history. In many places, besides tasting regional dishes, you will learn how to cook them.